Monday, March 9, 2009

Owie owie owie

Last week Mommy took me to urgent care because I had been running a fever for 4 days. At that point I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and bronchitis but the dr didn't give me any medicine. He just told Mommy to keep doing what she was doing. I started to feel a little better when my fever broke but this weekend I started to get a really icky runny nose and even had green snot coming out of my tear ducts. Last night I was having a hard time sleeping so Mommy decided she wanted to take me to see her doc today since she was going in. I still have some wheezing in my lungs and I have a double ear infection. I know Mommy feels awful about not bringing me in sooner but I wasn't hurting really bad until last night. I have antibiotics to take for the next 10 days, it means Mommy is going to drive down during her lunch breaks to give me my antibiotics on days she has to work all day. It'll be nice to see her and I know she'll be happy to see me because she hates being away from my adorable face during the day.

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