Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm such a big boy

Christmas has come and gone and I made out like a bandit. I got the bounce and spin pony I really wanted and lots of other toys. I got a drum and xylophone that is pretty awesome, a few books and some clothes. My Grandma Linn made me a super cool towel to go with the bath toys she got me, she must know I love bathtime.

Since Daddy is on Christmas break from school Mommy decided that we'll work on having me sleep in my bed without the guard rail on it. A few months back Mommy changed it from a baby bed to a big boy bed but put a guard rail on it to keep me from falling out. Last week she took the rail off and I've been sleeping in it like a big boy. The only "problem" Mommy says there is is that I don't stay in bed like I'm supposed to. I don't see why I have to lay in bed when I'm not tired so I get out and go play with my toys or find Mommy and Daddy. I have fallen out of bed a couple of times while sleeping but Mommy and Daddy are smart and put a couple of pillows and a blanket on the floor next to my bed to soften the blow.

Mommy says my next goal is to start talking. I don't feel the need to use words to tell her how I feel, she's pretty good at figuring it out. We play a game where she sits on the floor and opens her arms up wide and I run across the room to give her a great big hug and kiss. Isn't that more important than talking? Besides I'm more interested in learning how to use a regular cup than talking.

I have to go see my doctor on February 2nd for my 15 month well child exam, I'll be almost 16 months by then but it was the soonest they could get me in that didn't interfere with Mommy's work or Daddy's school schedule. Mommy has warned me there will be more shots then and I'm not looking forward to that but I suppose it's for my own good and Mommy promised to buy me another book. I like the books she's been buying me lately, they are board books and that means I won't accidentally tear out the pages reading them.

Well it's nap time off to dreamland I go! Happy New Year everyone!