Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Guess what I've learned to say? Yep that's right mama, and I say it a lot. I'm working on dada and nana but I don't quite have those down yet. Mommy thinks it's because I love her best but it's just because I think it's so much easier to say than dada.

Mommy has been gone a lot lately. I spend all day with Daddy and then get really excited when she comes home. I would get excited for Daddy too but I'm sleeping when he gets home from work.

Mommy says I'm getting so big. I don't see it. I may weigh a little more but that's no biggie. I'm working on that with my crawling and playing all day. I've decided that for the most part I only need one nap a day, usually about 3 hours long and then I play like a madman until bedtime. The only thing Mommy doesn't like is when I wake up super early, I've been up at 5-5:30 am everyday lately and that means Mommy gets very little sleep any later than that. But I'm in bed early too so she can do chores and stuff early before she has to go to bed.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Catching up

Below this Mommy is going to post all my blogs from my old blog site... I've decided to move over here so that it's easier for Mommy to keep our blogs up to date.

Here goes nothing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy week

This week was Mommy's birthday and Mommy's day so we've been busy. On Wednesday we went to the zoo for Mommy's birthday. I loved seeing the animals but my favorites were the harbor seal and the bats. We didn't have time to see all of them but I liked the ones we did see. The llama and sheep were kinda scary since they wanted the handfuls of food Mommy and Daddy had.

Today Nana and Papa gave Mommy a gift that I helped with, a locket. It's the start of a tradition. Great-Gramma W gave Nana a locket for her first Mommy's day when Mommy was born and now Mommy has one. Mommy says if I have a little sister she's going to do the same.

Mommy and Daddy bought me an activity center that I can wander around the outside of and play with all the toys on it, I LOVE it! I spend a lot of time playing there or crawling around the floor, it keeps me busy. Mommy has also decided we are going to start using sippy cups more than bottles, my first and last formula meals of the day will be bottles (and any meals that I have with Daddy will probably be too) for the time being but she wants me to be done with bottles by time I'm 10-11 months.

From the sounds of it we are going to be moving soon, Mommy and Daddy said the city plans to buy our house and our landlord is probably going to sell. Daddy has been looking into diferent programs the state offers since we will be displaced and they are hoping that we'll be able to move into our own house. There is one for sale near Nana and Papa that looks the same as their house and Mommy and Daddy would love to move there. It would be great when I get older, I could just run down the block and say hi, or Mommy could just walk me over when they are going to babysit.

Mommy starts her new job on Tuesday, I'm going to miss her since she won't be home until after my bedtime but she seems really happy to be done with her security job and excited to start doing work that she went to school for. This also means she'll have more money to buy me stuff with, so it's all around a great deal for me.

Well it's time to get back to watching my movie and playing. I will update everyone some more later.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Army Strong

I impressed Mommy today, I proved that I can crawl. It's the army crawl to start with but I will get stronger and get up on my hands and knees soon, but for now the cats are safe.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Got my checkup

I went and saw Dr. Vick again today, her belly was big, Mommy says that she's having a baby. I think she'll be a great Mommy, she's always nice to me. I'm 25.75 inches tall and 15 pounds 14oz. Not quite as big as Mommy expected but still growing. I also got two shots and the last oral vaccine. I did pretty darn good, only cried for a bit and then it stopped hurting. Mommy says my next dr appt will be with a different doctor since ours is graduating in June and my next appointment isn't until July. We don't know who we want yet.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A first!

My first tooth is on its way in. Mommy and Daddy saw it during dinner tonight. Mommy says it explains why I've been crabby lately, I don't think I've been crabby, I just haven't felt well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's been a while.

Mommy has been busy lately so she hasn't had a chance to keep this updated.

I've been a busy boy, spending my days with Daddy and my nights with Mommy. Right now they are on opposite schedules so someone is home with me during all times because Mommy is in school. I'm getting to be really mobile. I roll all over the living room (including under the couch) so it keeps those old people on their toes.

I also went to my first wedding. Mommy's cousin Stephanie married Dustin. I was so good for the whole ceremony, the whole 10 minutes of it. Nana also took me to visit all her friends that work in the court house and I was a charmer.

I weighed in at 16lbs 3oz the other day when Mommy took me to the clinic to have a bump on my penis checked. Crazy lady didn't realize it was just a zit and was all worried since I was going to Grandma Linn's this weekend. I am there right now and based on the picture Grandma sent Mommy I'm having a lot of fun, she has a little play station for me to use while there. Of course Mommy misses me like crazy and is going to go nuts until I come home. :)

The Easter Bunny skipped Mommy's house but brought me a lamb and some bibs at Great-Grandma Winters' house. I really like the lamb, it sings to me. Although I wish that bunny would have brought me some more banana cream pie, it was yummy eating all of Nana's.

Mommy has decided that she doesn't get to spend enough time with me we are going to start going for walks when she gets home from clinic duty at night. I enjoyed it last night even if it was a little cold.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Mommy took me to the roller rink last night and I got to ride around in my stroller while she was skating. Grandpa was there too so I got to see him.

I amaze Mommy with my new appetite and she swears I'm growing again. The past couple days I have eaten at least 3 containers of fruit or vegetables (one for lunch and two for dinner) and I've been taking long naps in addition to sleeping all night.

Mommy and Daddy bought me a new toy that allows me to jump up and down and stand all on my own. It's a lot of fun. Mommy says I am really good at jumping in it.

I've also decided I don't like laying on my back anymore, I've become a tummy kid. Mommy puts me on my back on the floor and I roll over immediately, gotta keep her on her toes. I get to show off to Grandma Linn and Grandpa Denny tomorrow since they are coming to visit. And then Saturday I'll go visit Grandma Shelley and Grandpa Fred. Grandpa says he bought me a new toy so I'm all excited to see it.

Mommy is thinking about re-doing my nursery, she's torn between doing more of a blue "under the sea" theme and a theme based on one of the sheets I already have with cars, trucks, buses and planes. I'll like either. She's also thinking that if she does under the sea she'll get me a small beta tank and fish for my room.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a mean Mommy!

Today Mommy took me to the doctor and after the doctor said I'm healthy, handsome and helpful (I helped hold her light while she looked in my mouth) the nurse came back and gave me more shots.... really I didn't need them I'm healthy. Mommy helped the nurse hold my leg down, she could have at least protected me. I've grown 5 inches and gained 5 pounds in the 4 months since my birth, I'm such a big boy!

Mommy also took Daddy to see his doctor to get his liver enzymes checked and see if he has diabetes but they haven't gotten any results yet. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Wonderful new toy

Mommy gave me the best toy today. It's a little clacky rattle with a panda on one side and a tiger on the other. She said it was one of the presents from her shower (I didn't know she got presents in there, I thought she just got wet and occasionally used that way to bathe me). I absolutely LOVE it, it's so much fun. It makes Mommy laugh the way my eyes light up when she shakes it for me and I reach for it. I get upset when I drop it and lose sight of it. I think she gave it to me today because she knew I was going to sleep all day. She had to go in for a scan so I dozed off in the stroller and then again on the drive home and slept for a few hours when we got back, then she took me for some errands, anything to keep me busy.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Mommy's little munchkin

It's official I am Mommy's little boy. I've been showing signs of it for months but I proved it this weekend. We were watching the Super Bowl yesterday and she was smiling at me while she ate and I played on the floor so I of course smiled and stared back, Daddy tried to get my attention and I refused to give it to him.

I got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend. Mommy and Daddy had to work so I went over there. Grandma told Mommy that I played like a crazy man and was having so much fun. I wore myself out really good while I was there, Grandma dropped me off and I fell asleep at 6:45pm and didn't stir again until I woke Mommy at 6:45 am. I really enjoy spending time with my grandparents, they are a lot of fun. Daddy says Grandma Linn might come up soon, it'll be good to see her again.

I've surprised Mommy with my appetite. She's been giving me vegatables before my bath at night to help keep me full longer (and help keep more down) and the last two days I kept eating until I finished off the containers. I really like squash and sweet potatoes. Bring on the veggies!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I've reached another milestone in my development today. I can now roll from my stomach to my back. Mommy wanted to make sure I was doing it on purpose and it wasn't on accident so she put me back on my stomach and I rolled over again. This made her so excited, darn crazy lady did it to me again. This means I can get out of tummy time anytime I want. I'm still working on rolling from my back to my stomach but I'll figure it out sooner or later.

I'm being a handful tonight. Mommy is doing everything she can think of to get me to go to sleep and I'm fighting it. She put me in my crib for an hour and I started to cry after about 45 minutes. Now I'm stuck in my swing and I'm angry about it. I'm tired but I don't want to sleep.

Since I'm getting fussy again I'm going to make Mommy hold me.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm trouble

Mom took me to see Dr Vick on Monday because she thought I had an ear infection but my ears were all clear, I am still just fighting off a bad cold.

Yesterday I got to see Grandma Shelley and Grandpa Fred. They took lots of pictures again. Grandpa said he got a couple of good ones. Which is good because next time I may not be so nice.

I gave Mom a lot of trouble today. I didn't want to nap, I didn't want to play all I wanted to do was cry. When Daddy came home I was a little angel. But I went down for a nice long nap when Daddy did so Mommy got to take a bath. And then to make things even better I went to bed early tonight.

I've been doing better about sleeping at night. I sleep all night a couple days in a row and then I'll have one night where I wake up to visit Mommy. Mommy is very happy about this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick Update

Mommy's been busy with me so she hasn't had time to update for me. I decided I was sleeping too much so I'm back to being up anywhere from 3:30 - 5 a.m. Mommy wasn't too happy with this but she doesn't understand that I need to see her then since some nights it's Daddy that puts me to sleep. But I've been pretty good about putting myself to sleep when I'm in my crib and I don't always cry when I wake up, most of the time I play with my hands until Mommy wakes up. I've also been napping in my crib instead of my swing which makes Mommy happy.

I got to meet more family members! My Auntie Stacy, Uncle Lance and cousins Brittany and Nick came and saw me this weekend. They are all really nice people. Mommy said she was really happy to see them. I like Auntie Stacy, she made me smile. I was picking on Brittany, almost every time she held me I'd start to cry, I just wanted to sit with Auntie. I sneezed on Unce Lance the first time he reached towards me, it made everyone laugh. Now I only have two uncles to meet, Jamie and Matt. Mommy says Uncle Matt may come home soon, I hope so because she keeps saying he'll teach me all sorts of noises and I like making noises.

I've decided being sick is no fun. I have a runny nose, a cough and I just don't feel right. Mommy keeps sticking that darn bulb up my nose to suck snot out and it is really uncomfortable. Mommy took me to see Dr. Vick today to make sure my ears were okay because I had some signs of an ear infection. But other than my cold I got a clean bill of health, Mommy on the other hand is on antibiotics for another sinus infection, poor lady is worse off than I am.

I have a new favorite song, "Rainbow Connection" sung by Kermit the Frog. Mommy sang it to me tonight when I was really angry with her and it calmed me down. She said it reminds her of Grandpa Fred so I knew it can't be all bad. Mommy doesn't have the best singing voice but just hearing her helps.

Well I should let Mommy study for the test she's taking tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great night.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I've been sleeping soooooo much lately. The past four days I've slept all night and even better the past two have been 11 hours or better. Mommy is so very proud of me. She said I'm such a joy in the morning because I'm so cheerful I always have a smile on my face.

We've also started trying different solids. I'm not very fond of carrots but sweet potatoes and bananas are great. Mommy was shocked I didn't spit out any of the bananas, they were just that good.

Mommy and Daddy think I'm teething. I have really been chewing down on my hands, pacifier and I love the teething rings because they taste so good. Not to mention my drooling has gotten way out of control.

I love having Mommy home during the day. We've been playing on the floor a lot. At night it's good too because she makes sure I follow my routine and gets me into bed on time. Daddy will learn one of these days. The only thing I could do without is her suctioning my nose everyday... doesn't she know it doesn't feel good and I don't mind being stuffed up a bit?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I have a voice!

Mommy says I seem to have found my voice. Last night I was yelling and cooing and she swears I said mama (I didn't it was just shrieking). It made Mommy laugh so hard that I had to keep doing it. Good thing she's smart and realized I was going to have a sore throat and gave me some tylenol before I went to sleep. I kept it up today when she was playing with me while Daddy ran an errand. I love making Mommy laugh.

On the topic of laughing Mommy and Daddy have been making me laugh so hard I get hiccups lately. It's fun when it first starts and then I get frustrated with them. Thank goodness they are smart enough to either give me gripe water or some more milk to get rid of them.

I slept 8 hours last night. Mommy said it was wonderful but she wishes the 8 hours would have ended at 6 or 7 instead of 4 but it's her own fault for wearing me out and putting me to be at 8pm.

Mommy had to work late tonight and I know she didn't want to. She was really hoping I'd behave myself for Daddy since Daddy and I don't spend that much time together alone. I was a pretty good kid according to Daddy. We watched Lord of the Rings and I was amazed again at Daddy's geekiness. He keeps insisting when I get older I'll be interested in the things he is... we shall see.

It's far past my bedtime so I'm going to log off and see if I can sleep 8 hours again. Have a goodnight!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well Christmas is over and I can say it was way overwhelming. We went to Gigi's house on Christmas eve and there were so many people there, the house was crowded and so many people came over to look at me, people I've been told I'm related to but I've never seen before. I was glad when Grandma and then Mommy took me upstairs to where it was quiet.

Christmas day was less overwhelming but still on the tough side for me. We were at Grandma's house and Mommy's cousin Nathaniel spent the whole time trying to get in my face, thankfully Mommy and Grandma protected me. I got lots of cool stuff, a couple of care bears, a singing glow worm, a monkey with matching slippers and some clothes. Mommy says I need a toybox now since I have so many toys. One of my care bears is bigger than I am, it's pretty neat.

Today Mommy, Daddy and me are going to look at a new apartment. Mommy and Daddy are really hoping we get it because it would mean more space for us and laundry on site (which Mommy loves the idea of since she won't have to drive to the laundrymat every week). If they decide they want the apartment we'll be moving in February. Daddy's friend owns the building so that will be cool.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Busy few days

Mommy and Daddy took me to meet Santa on Sunday and he seemed like a nice enough guy. I really liked his house, it had lots of tinsel and lights on it, I loved staring at it so much Mommy and Daddy couldn't get me to look down for a picture (that'll teach em to dress me up in a tie).

I decided that Monday night into Tuesday I wasn't going to sleep and nothing Mommy could do was going to change that. Daddy ended up waking up at 5 to help and then when I broke into hiccups at 6:30 he got up and took care of me until Mommy got up at 8 to get ready for school. Mommy, however, figured out that I wasn't sleeping well because I get hungry and bored so she gave me this cereal stuff and it was gross but it did the trick, I slept for longer than normal both times she gave it to me. She's telling me that I'm getting everynight for dinner as part of my bedtime routine.

Well Mommy is in the process of dying her hair so I should let her go rinse that stuff out so she and I can cuddle again.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I HATE shots! Mommy and Daddy took me to see Dr. Vick today and she said I'm perfect and that I'm growing just like I should (I'm 22 1/4 inches long and 12 pounds 5 ounces now yay!) but after she left the nurse came back and tried to give me some stuff through my mouth (Mommy said it's the rotavirus vaccine) but she wasn't very good at it, she kept pinching my cheeks. Then came the shots. Daddy was nice to me and was playing with me and my doggie, Mommy held down my legs, not nice. The nurse really hurt me, I cried a lot. I was really upset until Mommy held me and Daddy helped calm me down. I hope we never have to do this again. I'm not feeling so well right now so I'm going to join Mommy for a nap (she's pretty sore and not feeling so well herself).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm so loved

Grandma Linn brought me an awesome toy that sings and I can lay on. It has a kitty and a tookie tookie bird. I think it's great it makes me really excited when it sings, the only problem with that is I get all worn out.

Mommy got to come home with us last night so I didn't have to be without her all day and night. She seems to be doing alright since she's still holding me and feeding me... but she's feeding me different so she must still be hurting. I was so happy to see her today, I got to fall asleep on her shoulder while she was talking to Grandma earlier, I love sleeping on her shoulder.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Almost forgot

Mommy did something really cool today, she put up this sparkly thing next to my bed. She called it a "Christmas tree", the lights are cool. I saw a really big one at Grandma Shelley's this weekend that I liked too.

Oh yea Mommy is proud of me, I almost rolled over today, I'm getting much closer she says, my shoulder keeps getting in the way but I'll get it soon.

Going to miss her

Mommy has surgery in the morning and she said she may not be home tomorrow night.... not cool. Grandma Linn is on her way up to help take care of me and Mommy but still no one is the same as Mommy as Daddy said this morning. I spent all morning keeping him up while Mommy went to a job interview and took some tests to finish a class. Then when Mommy got home I spent the rest of the morning talking to her, I love talking to Mommy it makes her laugh.

I tricked her good today too, I had to poop and like always Mommy waited for me to finish, well I gave up on my face scrunching and grunting and so she thought I was done, nope! I waited until Mommy threw the poopy diaper in the can and just before she could get the clean one open to go again, she got the clean one under me dirty but I still got her good. :D

Since Mommy won't be around when I wake up in the morning I'd better give her some attention now. I hope everyone has a good day. Mommy says she's taking me to see "Santa" this weekend and she'll try to get pictures out.

Monday, December 03, 2007


I have a cold and Mommy is worried. It's not bothering me much so I don't mind, it means I get to spend a lot of time in my favorite place, my swing. The only thing I don't like is Mommy putting drops up my nose and suctioning stuff out, I'm not fond of my cough either but I feel better after I do it.

Daddy says I'm silly, I sleep in my play pen and play in my crib. Well of course I do, my crib has interesting things the spinning bears. I could stare at them for hours at a time if Mommy would let me. Besides Mommy reads to me when I'm in my crib and she makes funny voices when she reads. I keep getting books that rhyme and they are fun to listen to, not to mention Mommy has to stop to catch her breath, silly Mommy.

Our kitties seem to be getting used to me finally. Ozzy looks up into the crib while I'm in there, Pumpkin tries to share Mommy's lap with me and Midnight likes me to pet her (well she pets herself with my hands or feet). Precious still seems afraid of me.

Mommy said something that made me excited, I get to see both my grandmas next week. Grandma Shelley is going to watch me Sunday so Mommy can get the house spotless before her surgery and Grandma Linn is coming up to keep an eye on me while Mommy has her surgery and Daddy works. I'm going to be one well taken care of boy. I can't wait to tell them all my stories and show them how big my smile gets. I love my grandmas.

Well it's time for my nap and Mommy says she has to do something about her back (silly lady overdid it shoveling yesterday, at least she can still hold me on the couch even if lifting me is hard) and her headache.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Here we go

I've decided to start blogging early, yes I'm only 7 weeks old but since I have Mommy wrapped around my little finger (just like I wrap my fingers around her's) I've convinced her to type up blogs of the ongoings in my life so all of our family knows how I am doing, afterall everyone knows my mom can be pretty flaky from time to time.

I'm doing pretty well, Mom says she can see how much I've grown and just how smart I am. I talk to her on a daily basis and I'm getting used to smiling all the time. Mommy is also impressed that I'm no longer peeing on her while I'm taking my bath, I think it's because she's waiting until not long before I go to bed and she isn't feeding me until after my bath, one of these days though I'll get her again. I've also decided that jumping up and down on Mommy's belly is the best exercise I can get, she says that I won't be able to do it after her surgery so I may just have to jump on Daddy. She keeps telling me that this "tummy time" she's doing is good for me but it makes my neck tired, my head seems so heavy, must be a cruel joke they play on babies, give us big heads and expect us to hold them up.

Mommy says I have to go to the doctor on the 14th for something called "shots" I don't know what they are but hopefully it'll be fun like most of my trips to see Dr. Vick, although that lady has some cold fingers, maybe Mommy should buy her mittens.

Mommy seems excited for "Christmas" and is talking about taking me to see this guy called "Santa" I'm not so sure about this especially if it means I'm going out in the cold but as long as Mommy is with me I should be okay. She said something about presents and me being spoiled rotten because of all the people that love me so it can't be all bad.

I'm going to make Mommy put some pictures of me on here too so everyone can see how big and handsome I am. It's time for my nap and Mommy looks like she wants to lay down too so we'll sign off for now.