Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lex has a new favorite habit, spelling his name and finding the letters. I love the way he says X because it's an obviously fun sound for him. He has become this amazing little boy, dancing, singing, climbing, getting into things, showering people with kisses, roller skating, bike riding and talking up a storm all with a smile on his face. I'm one lucky mom!

I'm going to list the words and signs he says now so I can have a record, if you aren't interested go ahead and skip the rest of this post :)
Go, up, yes, no, Nemo, Dorie, Kuzco, Wall-E, Eva, ready, set, one, two, three, four, six, eight, twenty three, zero, water, cup, kiss, where, are, you, kitty, dog, pop, McQueen, stop, get, down, sit, sip, milk, juice, cookie, okay, what, icky, pretty, eat, all, done, book, open, why, car, run, jump, play, candy, apple, icky, happy, Mom, Dad, Mara (Tamara, his speech therapist), bus, baby, finger, bite, L, E, X, P, B, S, funny, movie, off, yay, swim, yum, banana, chair, Pam, auntie, uncle, night, mine, blanket, nom, out, swing, hello, bye, see, love, wow, red, green and yellow.

Wow!!! 93 words I can't believe he's almost hit the 100 words mark! I'm sure I've forgotten a couple but I'm so proud!