Monday, February 23, 2009

Such a big boy

Every day Lex seems to be getting bigger and bigger. He's still not talking much which worries me but he's showing signs that he's learning. He runs, tiptoes, climbs, tackles the kitten to snuggle and pet him. Lex loves to give kisses and hugs and he's learned how to push himself along on his bikes. We are practicing coloring (and not eating the crayons) and cleaning up toys when we are done with them. I know these are all great things but I would give anything for him to say something other than dada, mama and nana.

Today I put him in a 2 year old size sweatshirt and he fit it, which just surprises me because I don't see how much he's grown until he outgrows clothes. Before I know it he'll be standing well above me, just like my little brothers.

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