Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween was much better than last Halloween (last Halloween I was sick and spent the evening in the ER with Mommy and she was told I have pyloric stenosis, which was wrong I have and elongated pyloric sphincter which is only half the requirement for the diagnosis). This year Mommy and Daddy dressed me up as a lion cub and took me trick or treating at both of my great-grandmas' houses and then Nana and Papa's house (we would have went to Miss Jill's house too but we think she may have been at the hospital taking care of her boyfriend). I got lots of candy and everyone said I looked adorable. I was really happy to see both my G-G's and I hammed it up for Papa while he took pictures of me. Mommy said hopefully next year I'll have a little brother or sister that they can dress up too in a matching or theme costume, I think that would be fun but if I have to share my candy I'm not so sure about that idea. I do like Mommy's idea that I dress up like Yoda and Daddy can be Luke Skywalker and take me trick or treating on his back, so maybe if I do have a little brother or sister next year Daddy can take me out and Mommy can stay home with the baby, that would work great for me, no sharing my candy then. My Grandma Linn made me a cute bag to put my candy in so I figure I'll have Mommy put up the pictures Daddy took of me in my costume so everyone can see.

Oh and a side note, my buddy David is really sick with this thing called a Wilm's tumor and they have been treating it with chemo and he's supposed to have surgery soon but Mommy said he wasn't feeling so good tonight and they were bringing him into the hospital again. If I could ask and you are the praying type could you please say a few prayers for him? He's only a few weeks older than me and this is awful, no baby should have to deal with this and my Mommy is saying prayers for his Mommy and Daddy too, but every good thought helps.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday fun

Last weekend was my birthday parties and Wednesday was my birthday so I'm a toddling one year old.

My first birthday party was at our house. It was a bit overwhelming since I went down for a nap when it was just me, Mommy and Daddy and woke up to a house full of people, some I haven't seen in months. I got lots of cool toys and some really nice clothes. Mommy gave me a cupcake and some ice cream and I proved how grown up I am by not getting much on myself.

My second party was at Grandma Linn's house. I got to see my cousins and most of my aunts and uncles and I played until I crashed in Mommy's arms. The car was ready to explode it was so full of stuff when we came home.

Mommy stayed home with me on my birthday and we played all day. I really enjoyed that time with Mommy since she's working so much lately that I'm at daycare more than the other kids (96 hours in two weeks).

Friday Mommy took me to see my doctor and get my one year old check up. I'm 21lbs 13oz and 29.75 inches tall and for some reason the doctor doesn't think I'm growing like I should so we have to go back in 3 weeks to see her (and get my other flu shot). At that time she's going to run another lead test because even though it was normal it was still in the high range and that makes her nervous... I think she just wants to poke and prod at me some more. Oh and someone is finally taking Mommy's concern that I have reflux to heart, apparently Mommy does know something, that a one year old shouldn't be spitting up...

We got good news from Gwen today. Ratchet was on a plane to come home to Minnesota! Looks like I'll get to meet him after all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plea for Ratchet

Mommy and Daddy have this friend Gwen who is in Iraq and she has this puppy named Ratchet. I was really excited to go meet Ratchet when Gwen came home but now I can't because her commanding officers took him away. If you could please go to this website and sign the petition that will hopefully convince those officers to let him come to Minnesota to live with Gwen.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Before and After

Today Mommy's cousin Steph and her hubby Dustin came over so Steph could cut my hair and Daddy could work on their computer. Daddy didn't have any luck with the computer but Steph cut mine and Daddy's hair and then I got to snuggle with Dustin (he's a snuggly guy and I like him a lot, good thing he's a member of the family now). Here's my before and after pictures, my eyes are closed in the after picture because the flash is so darn bright!


And Mommy spotted a fifth tooth today too. Now if I could just get over this darn cold life would be great!