Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy and Daddy are in trouble now

I've taught myself how to pull to standing, next up is walking, screw crawling on my knees I want to run! I showed Nana and Papa that I knew how to do it earlier today and then I showed Mommy when we got home. Mommy was so proud even though now she knows she really needs to put away the breakable knick knacks until after we move.

We don't know when we are moving yet but Terriann (our land lady) is meeting with the city people this week. Mommy is nervous about the whole thing and wants to get an apartment sooner than later and Daddy wants to wait in the event they can save up enough to get a house for us to live in. I'm with Daddy, I want a house with a nice big room so they can buy me more toys. Better yet I want a house near Nana's house so she can continue to spoil me and I don't have to ride in the car very far, maybe just a quick stroller ride, one that won't put me to sleep.

Mommy has started to punish me for pulling her hair. Can someone explain to her that I'm not doing it to hurt her but because it's fun? She keeps telling me no and that it hurts but I don't believe her, if she wants to know pain she should try this teething thing, that hurts. She has also told me I'm not allowed to play with the speaker wire for our surround sound but I don't get it, I'm not hurting anything, I think she's just being mean.

I'm growing really fast. Mommy has to go through my dresser drawers and take out all the clothes that don't fit me. Yesterday she told Daddy to put me in my jeans to go grocery shopping with her and they were too short, these are jeans she bought too big at Christmas. I know some of the onesies are too small but Daddy puts me in them anyway. At least I got a new pair of shorts out of the deal yesterday.

Monday, June 23, 2008

They grow up too fast

I can't believe this little boy with such a serious little look on his face came from this little boy who just wanted to sleep instead of eating when we saw the lactation nurse.

Only 4 more months and my baby will be a toddler... Can you say sentimental?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kronk and Kuzco

Those are the names of my two newest pets. Mommy bought me two betta fishes, one red (Kuzco) and one blue (Kronk) they share a tank but it has a wall to keep them apart. Mommy can remove the blue part of the wall and they react to each other but with the blue there they are calm. I like them, they aren't as fun as the cats but it's something interesting to watch.

The weather has been too warm for my liking lately, today I had to nap in just a t-shirt (onesie) and when Daddy woke me up I was soaking wet with sweat, not cool. Mommy and Daddy let me play in just my diaper for a while to help cool me off and that was nice.

Mommy is starting me on third stage foods since I'm doing great eating my banana puffs (they are like cheerios only they dissolve in my mouth). I absolutely love those puffs, they let me eat at my own pace, use my own hands and taste great, I've watched Mommy steal a few so she must think they are good too. Besides Mommy took me to the doctor this week since I haven't been sleeping well just to rule out ear infections and the like and I'm up to 19 pounds 6 oz. The doctor seemed concerned about my skin color since it looked kind of yellow under that light so next month Mommy is going to have my new doctor check my bilirubin levels since they are probably going to check my hemoglobin and for lead levels. She's not overly concerned though because I don't look too yellow to her. The doctor looked in my ears, which I hated, and said they looked good and told Mommy it's probably just a phase. I admit I haven't slept that well lately but I don't think it was anything to be concerned about. Daddy has the magic touch for getting me back to sleep in the morning when I wake up too early (Mommy says before 6 am is too early). Today I woke up at 5, Daddy fed me and I slept until 9am, and then I took another long nap later, surprising Mommy.

I'd better head to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, we are driving down to Grandma's to celebrate Uncle Jake graduating from high school and that means I'm going to see our big family and I have to show them what a big boy I'm getting to be.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pictures of me!

Mommy just wanted to show how cute I'm getting!
And look I'm trying to crawl on my hands and knees instead of on my belly

Sunday, June 8, 2008

So spoiled

I spent yesterday with Nana and Papa and they spoiled me rotten! Mommy knew they were taking me shoe shopping but I came home with more than just shoes. They bought me a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals, an outfit with a matching hat, some toys to chew on and best of all a lion that I can either push or ride on that also sings. Mommy says that at this rate we'll have to buy a house for just my stuff. :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Nappy nappy

I really like my stroller, it's a great place to take a nap in the fresh air. Mommy has been taking me out in the stroller a lot lately, we walk to the laundromat, to Nana's and just for walking for the sake of walking. My stroller is great, it has this neat lion that dangles in front of my face and I can grab to play with, not to mention Mommy pulls out sippy cups for me to drink while we walk if I'm too awake to take a nap.

In other news Mommy thinks I'm teething again because I've been so crabby and my hands are always in my mouth. I don't know what it is I just know that it hurts. Speaking of I'm going to demand she holds me now since I feel pretty sore.