Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let's review

Mommy has really been neglecting my blog lately so I've finally guilted her into updating.

February: On the first I had my sedated hearing test. Mommy said I was a tough cookie because it took 2 doses of the med to make me sleepy to actually get me to sleep. Mommy says I did well on the test though, I only had a tiny bit of hearing loss that they said was because of my tubes. I guess that means Mommy and Daddy know I'm just ignoring them when I don't respond. There were two bad parts to that day. The first was vomiting. I threw up a lot after Mommy forced me awake, but eventually I kept down some juice so they let me go home with Mommy and Daddy. The second was being forced to sit in a playpen all evening after the test. I was "drunk" according to Daddy and really wobbly on my feet so to keep me protected they made me sit in the play pen until bedtime. The first is also when Mommy and Daddy had a meeting with David (my speech pathologist) to go over the results of the autism screen that he did. He told them I have a mild to moderate autism diagnosis once Dr. Anne signs off on it. I think Mommy felt relieved to be given the diagnosis because she suspected it.

March: My uncle Karl came home! He's my hero! Uncle Karl has been in Afghanistan for a while and he came home to surprise Nana and Papa at the end of the month. Mommy was pretty amazed that once I realized my uncle wears a hat all the time that I became interested in wearing my Spide.r-man hat more often. I wear it to daycare every day and any time we go outside to keep the sun off my face. I also started having some problems in daycare, there are just too many kids in my classroom and they make me feel out of control. I know hitting, biting and pulling hair isn't good but I can't help myself. Mommy and Daddy explained autism to my teachers at daycare so they seem to understand my behaviors a little more.

April: I've continued to have problems in my classroom. Daddy met with my teachers and Miss Amy at daycare to discuss what can be done to help me. I think I'm going to be moving back to the class with Miss Dani and Miss Lisa. I really hope this is the case because I love Miss Dani and Miss Lisa. Mommy and Daddy think this would be a good move for me too. While the 2 year old room is where I'm supposed to be for my age the 18-23 month old classroom is a better fit because there are less kids and I have more in common with them. I hope they figure out where I'm going soon. I got a trampoline from one of Mommy's friends at work and I LOVE it! It gives me a place to let out some energy and get all kinds of good sensory input.

Okay I think that's everything for now. I should let Mommy update her blog.