Monday, March 30, 2009

Meanest Parents Alive

My parents are so mean. They have started this thing called "time out" and I'm not a big fan. They only do it when I'm doing the really fun stuff, climbing on tables, pulling mom's hair, biting and picking on the cats. They put me in the playpen and walk away for one minute. It's not fun.

Something that is fun is Mommy taking me for walks and over to the park. Today she made me leave even though I didn't want to, Mommy said it was too cold to say out longer but I didn't think so.

Grandma is coming up to take care of me for a few days while Mommy heals from her nose surgery, she told me I have to behave myself but when don't I?

It's supposed to snow tomorrow, which makes me excited I liked playing in the snow this winter maybe I'll get to play in it again.

It's bedtime so I'll talk to you all soon!

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