Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sickies are no fun

I haven't been feeling well the past couple days. I had a little cough last week but this week I am refusing to sleep all night because I feel so awful. Last night Mommy brought me to see a doctor at the hospital and he said I have a cold and maybe hand, foot and mouth disease. I don't know what that means but I know my nose is runny and stuffy and my throat hurts and so Mommy gets no sleep. We are going to see the doctor twice today, once for me and once for Daddy. Mommy says she has to see if there is anything the doctor can recommend to help me sleep at night so she can sleep and Daddy is having another sicky couple days and so he needs to talk to his doctor. Mommy says she hopes we both feel better soon.

In other news Mommy bought me new diapers, ones she can wash, she says they are made out of cloth. I like them they are soft and I didn't leak after all the fluids Mommy made me drink last night. That and they are cool colors and no baby pictures on them!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moving and grooving

Today I impressed Mommy, I walked from our tv stand across the room to the bookshelf and then on several other occasions I wandered around when Mommy would stand me up. This makes getting into stuff sooooo much easier! I've had a couple bumps and bruises since I've been wandering around more but I'll be alright since I'm a tough guy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New home

Mommy and Daddy dropped me off at Nana's on Saturday and moved all our stuff into a new apartment. After my initial upset at being in a new place I decided it's not too bad. My room is much much much bigger and there is a lot more room for me to roam. Mommy has also taken to eating dinner at the dinning room table with me.

Last night Uncle Matt came over and had dinner with us. While Mommy was cooking dinner he spent time with me. He told Mommy when he first got home on leave that he wouldn't have much to do with me until I reached my teen years but I must have changed his mind because he was playing with me, trying to teach me new noises and he let me cuddle with him on the couch. I really like all my uncles they are fun. Uncle Karl likes Emperor's New Groove like I do so sometime he'll have to come over and watch it with me. Uncle Matt won't be home for almost a year so when he comes back he'll have to go to the park with me since I'll be up and running well before then (I've started standing on my own while I'm playing with things).

Mommy started giving me a little whole milk in with my formula and as soon as these two cans of formula are gone I'll be a whole milk boy! I really like it although I'm not so fond of the cold, except it does make my sore spots in my mouth feel better.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daycare is awesome!

Mommy and Daddy are so busy lately that they decided it was time for me to go to daycare. I'm at Mickey Mouse Playhouse by Nana and Papa's house and it's awesome! There are soooo many other kids to play with and I get to go outside with the big kids when the weather isn't too bad. Yesterday was my first day and Ms Jill said I was a joy to have around. I immediately made friends with a couple of the other kids and they were playing with me. Today when Mommy dropped me off there were two girls that wanted to play with me and I was really happy with that. Ms Jill told Mommy that she really likes having me there because I don't cry, I eat everything she gives me and other than being a wiggle worm during my diaper changes I'm so well behaved.

I've decided shoes aren't all bad. I've had to wear shoes to daycare the past few days and since it means I get to walk around on the ground without hurting my feet I realized they aren't all bad. Mommy says she may have to find boots for me for this winter. I'll need a snowsuit too since Ms Jill will take me outside with the other kids in winter.

Today was the first time I wore my new footie jammies because it's getting colder up here, I didn't realize fall came so early, I guess that's because I was born in the middle of fall...