Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why you always pickin on me?

Today I went to see my new Dr today and they really picked on me. I had to get a shot because I guess I missed one (I didn't miss it... ). And then they drew my blood, two pokes in my thumb. I bled a lot. My arm and Mommy's hand were covered in it. I'm not gaining weight they way they want me to despite eating all the time so I have to go in in two weeks for a weight check and to meet with the Dr again. The doctor told Mommy that I'm healthy.


Serendipity Lost said...

I hope everything is ok, Lex!

Sarah R said...

Thank you, and yes--it was a good thing we stayed home this weekend. it was definitely not a vacation!

Hope everything is okay with Lex--I'm sure he'll be fine.

Sarah R said...

Is everything okay with you, Cate? Haven't heard anything from you in awhile. I hope you're just busy!