Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teething sucks!

I'm tired of my face hurting. For the past couple days my teeth have made me queasy (I threw up on Mommy twice yesterday), I've been in pain and I can't stay asleep because it hurts too badly. And Mommy hasn't been home to take care of me except at night. Daddy's here but he's working too and sometimes has to close the closet door (where his desk is hidden) so he can answer the phone for work. Daddy has the next two days off so that'll help and Mommy has two days after that. I go see Dr. Franklin Saturday to find out how big I'm getting and Mommy wants to make sure I'm healthy. Although Mommy says she's going to ask for some bloodwork since my skin appears a little yellow, I don't understand what that means but hopefully it won't hurt because I'm seriously tired of the pain.

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