Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well that was interesting

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy took me to the 4th of July parade. I don't know why there was a parade but it wasn't too bad, except when they kept trying to cover my ears. Don't they know that I need them uncovered so I can hear? Mommy kept spraying this cold stuff on my legs and feet and I didn't like it but she said it was supposed to protect me from the sun. It didn't do the same for her, her chest and arms and neck are really red and she doesn't like it when I touch her there, but she won't let me pull her hair either so that's no good.

After the parade we went to Nana and Papa's house for a barbeque. While everyone else ate brats, burgers and hot dogs Nana gave me squash and tried to give me a bit of her watermelon. I loved the squash and hated the watermelon. It was the same icky stuff Mommy tried giving me after Uncle Jake's grad party. After we ate they let me play with Aunt Carlie. I like her a lot. She has lots of nice long hair for me to grab, I think she told Mommy that I was pulling it, but I wouldn't do that, I was just holding it in my fists, like I do with Mommy's and the kitties. I also got to see Uncle Karl. I recognized him from the pictures since I hadn't seen him since Christmas. He was really nice to me even though he didn't want to hold me. Mommy's cousin Nathaniel got on my nerves because he wouldn't let me be. Mommy said he just wanted to visit with me since he doesn't see me that often but I am a big boy too and wanted to crawl around on my own without him in my face. He also tried to pick me up and dropped me. It was a good thing Gigi was right there and picked me up because I needed someone to hold me until I felt better.

After the long day I finally crashed and wouldn't you know it our neighbors started being loud. Mommy said they were shooting off fireworks but it was just annoying. I didn't mind watching them the other night but it was almost midnight before they finally stopped and it's hard to sleep through all that noise.

Today I'm at Nana's again because Mommy got called into work. I wish she'd tell me when she is going to work because I tend to miss her when she's gone. But at least I get to play with Nana, Papa and Daddy. Hopefully she'll come home before I go to bed, otherwise I may have to get up in the middle of the night to make sure she's around.

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