Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy and Daddy are in trouble now

I've taught myself how to pull to standing, next up is walking, screw crawling on my knees I want to run! I showed Nana and Papa that I knew how to do it earlier today and then I showed Mommy when we got home. Mommy was so proud even though now she knows she really needs to put away the breakable knick knacks until after we move.

We don't know when we are moving yet but Terriann (our land lady) is meeting with the city people this week. Mommy is nervous about the whole thing and wants to get an apartment sooner than later and Daddy wants to wait in the event they can save up enough to get a house for us to live in. I'm with Daddy, I want a house with a nice big room so they can buy me more toys. Better yet I want a house near Nana's house so she can continue to spoil me and I don't have to ride in the car very far, maybe just a quick stroller ride, one that won't put me to sleep.

Mommy has started to punish me for pulling her hair. Can someone explain to her that I'm not doing it to hurt her but because it's fun? She keeps telling me no and that it hurts but I don't believe her, if she wants to know pain she should try this teething thing, that hurts. She has also told me I'm not allowed to play with the speaker wire for our surround sound but I don't get it, I'm not hurting anything, I think she's just being mean.

I'm growing really fast. Mommy has to go through my dresser drawers and take out all the clothes that don't fit me. Yesterday she told Daddy to put me in my jeans to go grocery shopping with her and they were too short, these are jeans she bought too big at Christmas. I know some of the onesies are too small but Daddy puts me in them anyway. At least I got a new pair of shorts out of the deal yesterday.


Sarah R said...


I had to go through Andrew's clothes too. Now he wears all 9-12 month clothes.

Sounds like Lex is growing up so fast! I keep thinking of the early days and it almost makes me want to cry. Then I think of how much fun he is now, so that's great too. He is such a silly character!

Sarah R said...

Happy 4th of July! :)