Friday, November 27, 2009

It's been a while

I've been a very busy guy these last couple months so I thought I should fill you in.

I'm enjoying speech therapy with David. I don't always want to participate but on days I do I really have fun and he says I'm making strides. I also go to UMD with Mom and Dad on Thursdays to play with students who are learning to be speech language pathologists. The first couple weeks were rough with me getting to know the girls that were working with me. The last week we were there I had a blast! We played with drums and rattles and an exercise ball.

I turned 2 in October. I had a party with my family and friends and got lots of cool stuff. Mommy made me a cake and let me eat tons of sugar, nothing better than that!

Mommy says I'm starting to do much better with my words again. In addition to signing "more" and "please", I try to sign "all done". I also say: Mom, Dada, gah (go), down, up, kah (cat), no no no, yah (hiyah!), meow, "I do it", I "and" "I got it", "I love you" and I try to say "more". Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me and I'm glad I can get my point across a little better.


Sarah R said...

Sounds like you're doing GREAT! :)

the mol said...

Yay Lex!!!

D said...

That's awesome Lex! Keep it up!

tbonegrl said...

Great job Lex!!!