Saturday, June 27, 2009

All boy all the time

I heard Mommy the other day saying I'm all boy. I don't understand what she means, I mean she's seen under my diaper doesn't that indicate that I am a boy? The teachers at daycare say the same thing. The only thing I can figure is they are talking about my behavior. I like dirt, rough housing and generally getting into trouble. At daycare I push the other kids out of my way so I can get to what I want first. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago at a birthday party. I wanted to get into one of the cars at the party and there was a kid in my way so I just pushed him over and climbed in. Mommy says this makes me a bully but I don't think so.

My favorite thing to do these days is see how flustered I can get Daddy. We were supposed to take the bus to speech earlier this week but I decided to pitch a major fit and see how Daddy handled it. All I'll say is that we didn't make it to the bus so we didn't make it to speech. And then later in the week I decided I didn't want to take my afternoon nap so I screamed and cried until Daddy stood by my crib until I fell asleep. I have him trained. I tried to do the same thing with Mommy today and she just said "good night" and left me to cry, she's mean.

Speech therapy isn't much fun. I don't like going anymore and I heard Mommy and Daddy saying I'll be going to occupational therapy soon and all I can think is that this isn't going to be fun either. I'm still not talking, I only use the sign for more when I feel like it and Mommy is worried and frustrated but you know what, I'll do it when I really want to, but not a second before.

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