Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daycare is awesome!

Mommy and Daddy are so busy lately that they decided it was time for me to go to daycare. I'm at Mickey Mouse Playhouse by Nana and Papa's house and it's awesome! There are soooo many other kids to play with and I get to go outside with the big kids when the weather isn't too bad. Yesterday was my first day and Ms Jill said I was a joy to have around. I immediately made friends with a couple of the other kids and they were playing with me. Today when Mommy dropped me off there were two girls that wanted to play with me and I was really happy with that. Ms Jill told Mommy that she really likes having me there because I don't cry, I eat everything she gives me and other than being a wiggle worm during my diaper changes I'm so well behaved.

I've decided shoes aren't all bad. I've had to wear shoes to daycare the past few days and since it means I get to walk around on the ground without hurting my feet I realized they aren't all bad. Mommy says she may have to find boots for me for this winter. I'll need a snowsuit too since Ms Jill will take me outside with the other kids in winter.

Today was the first time I wore my new footie jammies because it's getting colder up here, I didn't realize fall came so early, I guess that's because I was born in the middle of fall...

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