Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New steps

I have been busy lately, I have been running around the furniture and keeping Mommy busy chasing me around the apartment since now I crawl on my knees and move faster but I figured it was time to update.

Mommy took me in for a weight check on Saturday and I'm 20lbs 4oz, so I finally broke that 20lb mark. She also took me to the hospital since I had to have blood work done, so much that our doctor's office didn't feel comfortable doing it. They drew blood from my arm and didn't let Mommy stay in the lab with me while they did it. They gave me back to Mommy once they got me calmed down.

I'm not drinking from bottles at all any more. I've decided cups are much easier and I'm simply too old to drink from a baby bottle. Mommy bought me a couple different types, I really like the straw ones since I can chug my formula down no problem.

I went to where Mommy was working today and had all these ladies cooing at me, it wasn't too bad, much better than sitting in the waiting room with Daddy at his doctor appointment.

I need to head to bed since I kept Mommy up late last night (that'll teach her to wake me to go get Daddy at midnight).

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Sarah R said...

Thank you! Ah, I'm the biggest germophobe out there, so if I can handle taking Andrew to the beach, so can you! I unsnapped his onesie before we left and shook out all the sand. :)

I did notice that a disgusting amount of people leave their cigarette butts on the beach. I had to keep kicking them out of the way of Andrew so he didn't put them in his mouth (PUKE!).