Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Guess what I've learned to say? Yep that's right mama, and I say it a lot. I'm working on dada and nana but I don't quite have those down yet. Mommy thinks it's because I love her best but it's just because I think it's so much easier to say than dada.

Mommy has been gone a lot lately. I spend all day with Daddy and then get really excited when she comes home. I would get excited for Daddy too but I'm sleeping when he gets home from work.

Mommy says I'm getting so big. I don't see it. I may weigh a little more but that's no biggie. I'm working on that with my crawling and playing all day. I've decided that for the most part I only need one nap a day, usually about 3 hours long and then I play like a madman until bedtime. The only thing Mommy doesn't like is when I wake up super early, I've been up at 5-5:30 am everyday lately and that means Mommy gets very little sleep any later than that. But I'm in bed early too so she can do chores and stuff early before she has to go to bed.

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